Session #5

It has been a very long and stressful day.

When I woke I went down to the common area of the inn, where the inn keeper’s wife – a Dragonborn – questioned me. She claimed to be able to read people, but couldn’t read me. Just what I need – a dragon noticing that I’m different. Fireboy walked in not long after, shortly followed by Nict and Tacit. Apparently the journey to the Upper City had taken longer than expected, but Cinder didn’t explain his absence. Not that it matters much now – we got into a fight, and he left.

Nict, Tacit, and I shopped a bit before heading out of the city – Nict even got a piercing and a tattoo – but our exit was stopped by karma. The city was locked down, with no-one allowed in or out, due to an uprising of goblin-kin timed inconveniently with the body of the half orc I had killed last night. The owner of the brothel must have tried disposing of the body without calling the authorities, but I have no clue what he did with the head. Either way the city officials are now on the search for a murder, and I’m locked in. Apparently Diana is not watching over me.

I convinced Nict and Tacit that we would be better off in the Upper City; hopefully the search for the murderer will be kept to the Lower parts. Due to the lockdown – and something that Tacit did before – I had to lie and flirt extensively to get tickets out of the Lower City. And somehow while I was busy getting us tickets Nict made friends with another religious do-gooder hellbent on solving the murder.

And now the four of us are spending a lovely evening in the Upper City in a wealthy religious school.

I’m not sure why I’m still hanging out with Nict and Tacit. There is something about Tacit that is bugging me – I know that she’s hiding something – and Nict has the innocence of a child. Maybe I just miss my own innocence.

I just hope faulty sentimentality doesn’t get me killed.


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