Mid-Game 4.5

So, I couldn’t really fall asleep. Kept thinking about how some things started. So I figured I’d write some stuff done.

I had been living with Silver for about a week, and things had been going awesome. I thought they loved me, and I was learning so much about Doppelgangers. Every night I got to sleep in a beautiful bed, bigger than I had ever seen, and we shared dinners of the most delicious foods.

Then one night Silver had me dress up real pretty, and then they brought in this giant ogre. This ogre looked almost 4x my size, and I was terrified when he grabbed me and threw me on the bed. I screamed, begging for Silver to help me, but they just stood there.

Silver just watched as the ogre tore my pretty clothes off and tore into me. No matter how much I screamed and begged, he didn’t stop, and no-one helped. When it was finally done and I was lying broken and bleeding on the bed, Silver yelled at me. The ogre had been angered by my screams, and had refused to pay as much as he had agreed. As a result, Silver was angry with me, and spent the night lecturing me on my “duty” as a Doppelganger while their bodyguard – a Dragonborn named Boulder – beat me.

My duty, by the way, was to be whatever and whoever Silver’s paying customers wanted me to be. I thought that Silver was my friend; I thought that they loved me. But they allowed that man – and many more – to hurt me.

And Silver – and other ‘Ganger’s and people who want to take advantage of us – are out there, and I am so scared of getting caught.

I guess that is part of why I have to check the brothels out. And why I have to run as soon as I can, too.


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