Sessions #3 & #4

The past day or so has been chaotic, and hasn’t given me much chance to write.

After I fell asleep in my hammock, I was awoken by the scent of smoke. Unsurprisingly, the inn where Fire-boy Tiefling – and the two travelers that I liked –  was staying was on fire. Wonder who caused that… Anyways, I ran in to help, and promptly got hit in the back of the head.

I woke up in an underground cell with the other three, held prisoners by a group of goblins and goblin-kin. After a small scuffle, in which I actually defended Fire-boy, they explained that there is a rebellion against the sleazy mayor. Tacit and Nict seemed sympathetic to the cause, although Cinder seemed to prefer the offer made by the mayor (the offer involving money). The leader ordered our release, on our promise that we would think about their cause, but apparently her word stood for little, as we were later attacked by those in charge of leading us to the door.

He trapped Tacit, Nict, and I in a fighting pit, claiming that he wouldn’t kill us in his game of 4 giant goblins versus the three of us. Thank goodness that Cinder had snuck away earlier – he actually saved us by sneaking through a tunnel and surprising the attackers with fire. He was mortally wounded in the attack, but Nict saved him, while I finished off the goblins.

They attacked us cos they were connected to the goblins that caged us up before, when I first met my new travel companions. I don’t know if the entire rebellion is connected to that lot – it takes further investigating.

When we finally made it out of the tunnels, the four of us took a boat to the big city. The boat ride was mostly uneventful – the driver was a talkative boy, who quickly quieted when I asked about the rebellion. Our entrance to the city included fire and lies, but we made it past guards and into the overcrowded and unpleasant city center.

After an agreement to meet by nightfall at an inn that the boat driver had mentioned, Nict and Tacit took off for the upper city – an area that sounded full of rich snobs, pompous intellectuals, and holier-than-thou clerics. Cinder took off to investigate in the lower city, and I decided to track him. He was surprisingly stealthy for a tiefling, and it took changing my looks every five minutes to keep from being caught. Even then, he knew something was wrong, and he was very clever about his movements. Thanks to him though, I might have a lead on who to talk to about the rebellion.

I blew my cover though when I stopped him from harming a small boy – I chose to look like myself, simply so he wouldn’t smite me on sight. I don’t know why he was attacking the child, although my sympathy for the boy lessened when I later discovered he had stolen gold from me.

After the altercation, Cinder managed to disappear, so I backtracked to a whore house I had passed earlier. After a brief conversation with the owner – in which I made sure I wouldn’t be tricked and trapped – I made arrangements to work for the night, in exchange for a bed to sleep in.

I swear, I was unsure of what I would do; whether I would do the job, or find a way out. I was there of my own free will, and from the sounds of it, so were the other women. It was honest work, and work I knew well.

And then this giant ogre walks in and grunts “You mine?”

As soon as he said those words, I knew that he wouldn’t touch me. I wouldn’t allow it. So I channeled my best Rainbow voice, and convinced him to lie down on the bed, and cover his eyes. And then I chopped his head off.

I took his money, and – doing my best to look like him, even if a smaller version of him – I left the brothel. I went to the inn that the others were supposed to meet me at. They never showed, but I paid for a room, a drink, and some food.

I didn’t need to kill him. I didn’t need the money.

But as I lay down in the bed, as I closed my eyes, I slept easy.

Because I belong to no-one.

I am mine.


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