Session #2

So the human – Tacit – isn’t a slave. I don’t know what she is – I think she’s hiding something. And I don’t know what to make of the other two.

The nicer tiefling – a purple female called “Nict” – said that she knows a way to a city, where hopefully I can find some work. She is an odd creature; either a very naive and innocent girl, or a very good actress. She jingles with every step, which she seems to enjoy, oddly enough. She and the human converse in a different language – gnomish, or something – which was annoying and rude.

I found a child hiding from the goblins; as we were also making our escape from them, I convinced him to come with us. The poor thing was disheveled, dirty, and so scared – his brother had left him miles from home. 

It was odd how interested Fire Boy Tiefling – Cinder? – seemed in the child. I’m not quite sure what to make of Fire Boy; he seems brash, idiotic, prideful, and self-centered one second, and then he shows depth the next. He gave a weapon to the child, for self-protection, which was strangely kind. 

And just when I was beginning to believe that he might have a heart, he went and tried accepting a reward for the return of the child. I had to flash red eyes to get his attention enough to lure him out of the rambleshack of a home, and even then I had to give him food. I paid for it, at least, with enough to hopefully provide the boy with a full belly for a while. 

My opinion of him dropped to a new low when we were approached by a man offereing money for “work.” This man apparently is the mayor of this little town, but I’ve dealt with too many bad people to risk dealing with this man. Nict and Tacit listened to him, but told me that they were undecided about acceptance. 

Hopefully they meet me tomorrow morning, and we can continue on. Either way, I refuse to accept anything that the mayor offers, so I am happily sleeping in a hammock in the woods. 


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