Pre-Game Entry #7

Sometimes I can’t help but read the letter her letter. It hurts, but Strawberri helped me through some of the worst nights.

Letter from berri to alexSilver insisted that we use the names we were given, so if Ber had called me Alex, we both would have gotten in trouble. So instead she called me Rein, like a queen, instead of Rainbow. When she said it I knew she meant something different than Silver; Ber knew me.

Berri was always telling me that the goddess Diana would help us. She would have told me that Diana “gave me the strength” to escape, but I don’t know. Diana didn’t help Ber, did she?

I loved Berri, and it was our love that made Silver angry enough to get rid of her, even though we were platonic. We were forced to have sex all the time – we weren’t interested in more.

We just liked being close. I miss her so much sometimes.

If Diana is out there, I hope she’s protecting Ber.


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