Pre-Game Entry #6

Over the years, I worked as I needed. I prefer fighting – either the pits or on quests – but there would be days when I worked at a brothel.

Sometimes I didn’t even need to work at an actual brothel – go to an inn or a tavern – and find someone looking for some company. If I was lucky enough to get them drunk first, I would simply steal their money and move on. Unfortunately, there were times when I’d have to make sure to exhaust them first, and then I could take their items once they were asleep.

The worse part was always having to move on. Even if I worked honestly I had to keep moving; it can be virtually impossible to work in any way without changing myself in some form. Being able to shift makes it easier to find targets – anything that anyone wants, I can be – but being a ‘Ganger also provides me with superior strength. If I’m in an area too long someone eventually notices that I’m different. And being different leads to questions, which will someday lead back to Silver.

Every day I’m scared of getting caught, getting dragged back. Every night my memories turn into nightmares that shake me to the core.

Sometimes I wish Mama had just left me to starve to death in the winter, or Master and Madam had simply beat me to death. But I keep running, and keep fighting.


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