Pre-Game Entry #2

It’s been a few years. I should have kept writing. But I guess I’ve been too busy running.

I’ve been keeping busy, moving from place to place. A few months after my escape, I overheard a bartender talking about how a “Shifter” was looking for a runaway from Silver’s. I stopped changing after that, didn’t want to let anyone know that I was a ‘Ganger.
I learned quick that most people think I’m tiny, but I’m strong. I started fighting for money, and won. People underestimated me, which was useful. I soon discovered that I’m actually quite good with an axe – but I guess Boulder would know that, huh?
Lately I’ve been fighting for money, but not bets, so it’s different. People think I’m a hero, sort of, and ask me to help them.
I like it. I like being useful, and helpful, and people like me. Me, Alex – not Rainbow.


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